Solutions for garbage disposal

Recycle bin

Compost organic material. Recycle everything else. Do you really need a plastic bag?

Plastic bags have only been in common use since the 70’s. There was life before plastic bags. It’s time we asked our grandparents what they used to do with their garbage before plastic bags.

  1. Do you need a garbage bag?
    Compost organic material. Recycle glass, tin, hard plastics, and paper. Is there that much garbage left over? Is it that messy? Does it really need a bag? Depending on the garbage pickup system in your community, you may be able to put your household garbage straight into the garbage collection bin without wrapping it in plastic first. Rinse your bin and re-use the water on your garden.
  2. Use newspaper to line your garbage bin
    Save a couple of sheets of newspaper from the recycling bin and use it to line your garbage bin.
  3. Purchase biodegradable bags
    Biodegradable bags are a compromise if you feel you have to have a bag to line your garbage bin. But be careful! Not all biodegradable bags are created equal! Some are plastic bags masquerading as a biodegradable product. Look at the fine print to make sure that the product is fully compostable or biodegradable, and check that it doesn’t contain any LDPE or HDPE (plastic!)
  4. What do we do?
    Tracey has fallen in love with her stainless steel compost pail that she bought from Lee Valley Tools. In fact, she’s bought several to use as garbage bins in the kitchen, bathroom, and office. The stainless steel is easy to clean, never absorbs smells (unlike plastic compost buckets), and will last a lifetime. Tracey has refused plastic bags for several years now, and to tell the truth, she doesn’t miss them.

Solutions for picking up dog poop

man and dog

The best solution is to compost dog poop in a corner of your yard.

  1. Create a dog poop compost
    This is an easy plastic-bag free solution. Create a dog poop compost in a corner of your yard. Make sure that it’s away from your fruit/veggie garden. When your dog poops on your property, just scoop the poop with a spade or shovel and put it into the dog poop compost. Cover it with some leaves or soil and let nature do it’s work. If your dog is not too old to learn a new trick, re-train your dog to poop on your property before you go for a walk.
  2. Re-use bags that you get as packaging
    Whenever we buy groceries we get an awful lot of packaging that can’t be recycled. So why don’t we reuse this packaging to pick up dog poop? e.g., bread bags, chip packets, mushroom bags, the list is endless. Be inventive.
  3. Purchase biodegradable doggie bags
    Again, this is a compromise, but sometimes our pets perversely like to poop in our neighbour’s prized flowerbed. Again, read the fine print to make sure that the product is fully compostable or biodegradable, and check that it doesn’t contain any LDPE or HDPE (plastic!). And please dispose of them properly!