Footloose and waste-free

Patrons Buying Produce at the Hills Garlic Festival

Photo Credit: Ellen Kinsel

Nothing’s better than dancing barefoot under the summer sun at your favourite music festival. But the sounds are often bittersweet as this music-lovers scene is often also burdened with overflowing trash cans and a sea of single-use, disposable food containers. And this is what got Ellen Kinsel’s wheels turning.
Ellen is the coordinator of the Hills Garlic Festival in New Denver, BC, and Greener Footprints is excited to be partnering with her to develop a waste reduction strategy for various festivals and events in the West Kootenays – including the Nakusp Music Festival, Kaslo Jazz Festival and Shambhala Music Festival. Ellen is currently seeking funding for the project from the Columbia Basin Trust. Optimistic about her success, we’ve started marking festival dates on our calendars…for research, of course!

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