Dreaming of a waste-free B.C.

Volunteer bannerGreener Footprints was founded in 2005, a non-profit organization focused on waste reduction in Canada through education and community-based campaigns. The initial campaign of Greener Footprints was focused on reducing the use of plastic shopping bags across Canada.

In March 2007, Greener Footprints proposed that the City of Rossland should be the first plastic-bag free town in Canada. Less than one year later, Rossland achieved a 75% reduction in plastic bag use through an extensive education campaign to raise awareness of consumers, and by creating partnerships between government, retailers, schools, and community groups.

Through these efforts, Greener Footprints has established a template of action for any community wishing to follow Rossland’s lead and the society is now working with several communities across BC, including Squamish and Revelstoke.

The initiative has garnered local and national media attention throughout the campaign, as well as a few awards.

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